College Bronze ® Offers High End Ncaa Officially Licensed Collegiate Merchandise, Created By Accomplished Sculptor John Craig

  • Exclusive Designs

    College Bronze designs are exclusive, and not found anywhere else. Each design is copyrighted and licensed, guaranteeing that you will own a piece unique in the world of collegiate sports merchandise.

  • A Permanent Touchstone

    More than just unique sports merchandise, each College Bronze embodies and expresses the college experience - the camaraderie, energy, passion, and pride. Like the memories you treasure from your youth, these pieces will accompany you on your journey, and last a lifetime.

  • A Work Of Art

    Each College Bronze piece is firmly rooted in the classical tradition of bronze casting, projecting quality and gravitas. Handcrafted and highly detailed, each one-of-a-kind piece can take up to six months to make

  • Artist John Craig

    John Craig began his artistic life as many artists do, feeling drawn to form and the physical aspects of life. The influence of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman art, along with the monumental architecture of the Ancients, played an important role in seeding his life as a sculptor. John Craig credits a childhood visit to the British Museum in London, especially the Parthenon Room, as giving birth to his journey for self-actualization

    After achieving a minor in Fine Arts from the University of Western Ontario, John Craig moved to Paris, France. There he spent two years studying that city's art and architecture, spending hours in contemplation at the Rodin Museum.

    In his work, John Craig captures and expands upon the transitional relationships between abstraction and realism, geometry and fluidity, movement and pause. These are the myriad threads which interweave to form the fabric of a John Craig Bronze; a dichotomous fabric that, when reinterpreted in bronze, carries with it that subtle tension which brings a work of art to life.

    John Craig is dad to two boys and lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He also owns John Craig Studios.