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Creating a piece for Alabama Football was my inspiration in creating the College Bronze line. I married into a strong and gracious southern family with roots across Alabama. The Crimson Tide was my introduction into the amazing world of college football and all its passions.

This work is particularly complex and requires significant time across the fabrication process. The mold is a 7 piece, three dimensional jigsaw puzzle producing 4 wax components which are fused and chased to create the final wax. This allows me to add unique characteristics to each piece. I like putting gouges into the tusks, such as those you'll find on the helmets of players, line and defensive in particular.

This piece is based with a classic ferric brown accentuated with detailed applications of crimson, white and grey. Another one of a kind.

The perfect Alabama Crimson Tide gift. Roll Tide! 

Size: 13"W x 8"H x 5"D

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