Georgia Bulldogs Mini UGA Mascot Table Top Sculpture



Georgia Bulldogs mascot never looked so good. Boom sits ready and watching saying Go Dawgs. Sturdy and solid cast stone, mini Boom weighs just over 7lbs. 

EXCEPTIONAL CRAFTSMANSHIP:  Phenomenal attention to detail and craftsmanship. Well-made and detailed, bringing out the true essence of the UGA Bulldog.

PERFECT GIFT: Ideal for special occasions like birthdays, celebrations, and holidays. Craftsmanship that makes it a perfect and memorable gift.

EASY ORDERING AND SHIPPING: Ordering and shipping process is easy and hassle-free. Excellent packaging ensures the product arrives in pristine condition.

QUALITY GEORGIA BULLDOG REPRESENTATION: Best rendition of the beloved UGA Bulldog. Represents the UGA spirit with outstanding quality and attention to detail.

VERSATILE PLACEMENT: Detailed and well-crafted design makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor display. Sturdy yet not too heavy, providing flexibility in placement.